About Us

The Headlight Harness: a solution to numerous problems.

While out walking my dogs late one night in the summer of 2014, a black cat happened to cross our path. One of my dogs, a black Terrier named Mo, managed to wiggle free from his harness and decided to give chase. We live in a dark, suburban neighborhood with poorly lit streets. Mo charged across the street, and was almost struck by an oncoming car that never saw him. 

Thankfully, Mo wasn’t hit by that car,  but many dogs and their owners aren’t that lucky. It’s a scenario that plays out all too often across the country. Pets and their owners being struck by vehicles due to low light conditions and poor visibility. I decided there and then that my dogs and I would NOT be one of those statistics. I spent the next few months shopping for something that would keep my dogs visible to vehicles, safe on walks, and help me see my surroundings.

Unfortunately, that product didn’t exist. So my husband and I spent the next year designing, developing, and producing the Headlight Harness. Originally intended for our own personal use, it quickly became apparent that our Harnesses filled a giant void in the pet industry. On every walk, I would be stopped by people and asked where they could get a Headlight Harness of their own, until finally, Headlight Harness LLC was born.