Government Inquiries


Our team at Headlight Harness supports the men and women that are a part of the Armed Forces, in addition to those that are employed in the field of Public Safety such as law enforcement, fire departments, emergency services, etc. We offer two distinct programs for government employees: the Departmental Use Program and the Individual Use Program.


The  Departmental Use Program is our effort to strategically partner up with various government agencies to supply our patent pending Headlight Harnesses to units that have canine team members, such as Police Department K9 partnerships or dogs in Search and Rescue ops. It is our desire to develop these partnerships in an effort to continually improve our harnesses to withstand the rigors that working dogs experience in their day to day work. If you are interested in securing our Headlight Harness, please fill out the form with your departmental contact information and one of our team members will contact you within 24-48hrs.


If you are a current or past member of the Armed Forces or work in Public Safety, and you are a supporter of our Headlight Harness, we would like to extend our appreciation and offer special pricing! All we ask is that you send us some pics of your beloved family member with paws wearing putting our headlight harness to good use!

Please fill out the form below for any Government Inquiry and someone will be in touch within 24-48 hours!