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Leash, Collar and Poop Bag Holder Bundle.

Leash, Collar and Poop Bag Holder Bundle.

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Reflective Collars by Headlight Harness (Size)
Reflective Double Handle Leash (Color)
"Oh Shit” Poop Bag Holder and Poop Bags, Waste Dispenser (Color)

Introducing our Leash, Collar & Poop Bag Holder Bundle - the ultimate pet accessory set for any dog owner! This bundle includes three essential items that make walking your furry friend a breeze.

First, we have the Reflective Double Handle Leash. This leash is not only reflective, making it great for nighttime walks, but it also features two handles for ultimate control and comfort while walking your pup. The reflective material ensures that you and your dog are visible to others while out and about.

Next up is our Reflective Collar - an essential item for any pet owner! The collar features a reflective strip to increase visibility in low light conditions. It's adjustable and comes in 3 sizes.

Last but not least in this bundle is our “Oh Shit” waste bag holder with poop bags included! This holder ensures you'll always be prepared when nature calls during walks with your furry friend.

Our Leash, Collar & Poop Bag Holder Bundle has everything you need to make walking with your pup both safe and convenient. Don't miss out on this must-have bundle today!

Collar Sizes:

SMALL: 10 inches-14 inches

MEDIUM: 12.5 inches-18.5 inches

LARGE: 15.5 inches- 24.5 inches

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