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Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover

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Our Dog and Cat Pet Hair Remover works in seconds. It’s reusable, versatile and easy to clean. It can be used on furniture, clothes, car seats and much more. 

Key Features:

  • Efficient: This pet hair remover works its magic in seconds, swiftly banishing those pesky fur strands.
  • Reusable: Say goodbye to disposable lint rollers! Our pet hair remover is eco-friendly and can be used over and over again.
  • Versatile: Whether it’s your beloved furniture, favorite clothes, or car seats, this tool is up for the challenge. It’s like having a personal fur-fighting superhero!
  • Easy to Clean: No fuss here! Rinse it off in the sink, and it’s ready for the next battle against pet hair.



  • Remove Hair Quickly, Time and Effort Saving Dog Hair Remover-This pet hair remover picks up hair from furniture, couch, area rugs, sheets, blankets, comforters, clothing, cars, and more in one fell swoop. Just a quick once over, in a few seconds you will be amazed by how much hair will be picked up. 
  • Super Easy to Use, Picks Up Almost Every Piece-Simply roll the tool back and forth. The cat hair remover can easily remove hair without snagging the fabric. Note: Please use the tool on shed hair, not on your pet's body. 
  • Self-cleaning Reusable Pet Fur Remover- The pet hair roller is reusable for long-lasting use. Unlike single-use roller sheets, this dog hair remover requires no batteries, sticky tapes, or adhesive papers that lose their grip after just a few swipes. You don’t need to tear paper or take time to charge. 
  • Convenient to Clean-The hair pet remover trap lint and pet hair in its hidden compartment, so all you need to do is empty the chamber. The button to open the chamber is right on the handle. The top pops open if you press the button. The pet hair remover roller is easy to maintain-cleaned with a damp cloth, dog lint roller will look brand new again.

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